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November 9th, 2011

Greenpeace: HP Is ‘Greenest Tech Company’

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Written by: Omeed Asadi (Writer)
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A recent report by Greenpeace called “Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics” gives Hewlett-Packard the top prize as of greenest tech-company which took away Nokia’s three year reign as the leader. Before going over to HP’s headquarters for some tofu and music, it’s definitely important to point out that none of the fifteen tech-companies that were studied by Greenpeace got a score higher than 6/10 on their eco-purity scale.

Having said that, it’s definitely great to see these multinational tech-companies taking some initiative as most of the fifteen contenders had improved scores.

HP Wins Top Spot For Greenest Tech Company

HP got the top mainly by their decision to get their supply-chain suppliers to cut down emissions and reduce the amount of energy they used to produce their tech-products. HP also got some extra marks for actively fighting against proposition 23 in California that attempted to weaken environmental regulations and standards.

One of the main things that docked points off of HP’s environmental report card, however, was the short lifespan of their products and no long-term services and repairs plans that force more users to consume more thus leaving a greater footprint on the environment.

The second spot was given to Dell, mainly due to their elimination of bromide flame and PVC from its products, bumping the company up eight spots compared to last year. Dell also got some points, according to Greenpeace, for having an emissions plan with the goal to cut emission by an impressive 40% by 2015.

Nokia Dropped To Third Despite Being First For Three Consecutive Years

Nokia dropped from first last year and the two years before that to third after failing to include more renewable sources of materials in their products and is followed by Apple in fourth after providing a lackluster energy policy.

RIM, actually quite surprisingly, came in last place and is probably not all too affected by the news as they have much more worrying matters on their plate. The Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker has been faced with outages and lackluster sales and failed to report on the efficiency of their products along with providing a decent energy policy. They did, however, earn some praise for their ethical sourcing policies.

About the Author

Omeed Asadi (Writer)
Omeed is a born-again Apple-Evangelist who is also wrapping up his last year towards a BA. He loves technology and is the go-to guy for curing his friends and family's technological-woes. He's also solved 99% of issues by asking "have you tried re-setting your router?". -omeed@gizmoinsider.com


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