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October 24th, 2011

Leaked iPad 3 Photo: New Dock Connector?

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Written by: Bryan Conte (Associate Editor)
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iPad 3 Dock Connector Leaked Photo

Rumor. Apparently the battle to be thin is heating up in more than just the over abundant infomercials and shows like “The Biggest Loser.” Referencing a leaked iPad 3 prototype part, Apple may have some plans to slim up the next-gen tablet even more.

According to some trustworthy sources and an Asian supplier website that was responsible for putting the photo into the hands of the masses, the dock connector appears to be smaller in size. Sparking some discussion however is the fact that the inclusion of this smaller connector, may pose some incompatibility issues with current products already in the hands of consumers.

Does this sound like something Apple would do? Well it’s only speculation that some products wouldn’t fit properly, since nothing is final by any means; and the connector does still have the same amount of pins. Also begging to be asked is whether or not this source is even credible at this point.

Competing With Tablet Market Leader – Apple

The rush to be thinner is something competitors have seen is necessary first handedly after suffering stagnant sales due to the bulkiness of their designs or other usability flaws that lead to marketing disasters. Long-time business partner and current legal foe; Samsung made sure to revamp their Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is currently thinner than Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad 2.

While the iPad line is still the dominant tablet on the market, sometimes clenching in excess of 85% of tablet sales; Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are gaining steam and for good reason. While most of the competing tablets, and smartphones for that matter have “borrowed” industry setting things like “pinch to resize” from Apple, Android powered devices are setting themselves apart in many ways.

Do they have the momentum to catch up to the loyal Apple masses? I guess only time will tell, but the iPad 2 is still the hot product to beat. If the new dock connector is true, along with the innovative battery that Apple is developing which will be smaller yet yield more life; we can probably expect to squeeze some more thickness out while including the anticipated specs like the A6 processor, thunderbolt port and retina display.


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Bryan Conte (Associate Editor)
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