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November 5th, 2011

Lots of News on the Nook by Barnes & Noble

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Written by: Matt Lavelle (Staff Writer)
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Most people are familiar with the Nook e-reader by now. It is a handheld e-reader that is akin to a tablet, only much cheaper and its functions are less varied. Currently the e-reader which is produced and sold by Barnes & Noble has two different models in its lineup: the Nook Simple Touch and the Nook Color, whose current prices are $139 and $249, respectively. But there is some pretty reliable information saying that soon, we are going to get a 3rd option from Barnes & Noble; a Nook Tablet.

You can expect the Nook Tablet to offer a lot more than the other e-readers offered by B&N, and naturally there will be a hike in the price tag. Having said that, we can expect the Nook Tablet be fairly inexpensive when compared alongside some other similar tablets; as it will come in at a reasonable $249.

Nook Tablet Expected To Be Priced At $250

After hearing this, one would wonder why anyone would buy the Nook Color (same price as the Tablet, with far fewer capabilities). The answer to this lies in the fact that both the Nook Simple Touch and the Color will be getting price cuts. The Color will now be selling at $199, and the Simple Touch will be sold at a cool, calm and collected – $99.

It is important to note that the Nook Tablet isn’t “official” yet. The announcement is expected to be Sunday, November 7th in New York when Barnes & Noble is holding a press conference. The information regarding this news comes from a leaked PowerPoint presentation that is expected to be showcased at the press conference that is just two days out.

Nook Tablet Isn’t Official Just Yet

The slides look pretty convincing, and regardless of what may be the case, whatever is going to be released at this press conference is bound to be interesting, so be sure to pay close attention! Looks like B&N is taking a jab at Amazon and we’re standing by as more details emerge on the 7th.

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Matt Lavelle (Staff Writer)
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