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November 29th, 2011

More Bad News From Zynga

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Written by: Matt Lavelle (Staff Writer)
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By now most people should already be well aware of Zynga, the company that is responsible for the uber-addicting social media games like FarmVille and CityVille. Not long ago, Zynga made headlines when they gave their employees an ultimatum: give back the company shares they were in-part paid with, or be fired.

This unorthodox method of covering losses incurred by the firm irritated more than a couple of the employees at Zynga, and now things have gone even further, as shown by a recent report made by the company.

Apparently, the firm holds a survey that happens quarterly to see how the employees feel about the working conditions they are presented with at Zynga. With the recent news regarding this company, it is no real surprise that there were more than a few complaints made by employees.

Zynga Employee’s Complaints

One of the chief complaints that seemed to be a recurring theme in the report is the long hours working for superiors who are absolutely obsessed with their subordinates’ performance. If you slow down or do a poor job on a project, there is a very real chance of you getting fired.

A lot of these complaints were filed anonymously (not too surprising), which further proves how frightened Zynga employees are of termination or demotion. Over the summer, both Electronic Arts and Zynga were competing to acquire another online game studio, Popcap Games. It was looking like Zynga was going to win with a $950 million cash offer, but as soon as Popcap Games got wind of the internal problems plaguing Zynga, they went with Electronic Arts, for a marginally smaller payout; $750,000 in cash with stock.

Currently, Zynga is preparing for their initial public offering, something that they have been postponing for months due to the poor economic outlook. With the IPO just around the corner, it gives you the idea that the firm was running out of money and simply couldn’t afford to put it off any more.

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Matt Lavelle (Staff Writer)
Matt writes for many publications around the web. "I live about thirty minutes from the beach and find it to be the most serene place on the planet. To me its the only place that I can find relaxation, fun, and generally everyone is in a good mood. I thrive on that." -matt@gizmoinsider.com


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