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January 8th, 2012

NinjaVideo Founder Gets 22 Months In West Virginia Prison

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Written by: Omeed Asadi (Writer)
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You might remember this high-traffic movie site from a year or two ago when it was flying high. NinjaVideo.net was one of the most frequented film/TV sites that boasted a massive archive of shows, films, documentaries, standup among various other videos. However, they were all provided illegally on their privately owned servers. One of the founders and most vocal operators of the site was “Queen Phara” or Hana Amal Beshara and she is now getting a 22 month sentence after pleading guilty to what she said was “extremely illegal”. During the initial stages of her trial, she first suggested that she was ignorant to the fact that what she was doing was illegal and that “we [would] weave and bob through these grey areas of laws not yet written”.

NinjaVideo Was Once The Most Frequented Video/TV Site

Beshara, 29, is not only going to federal prison for the next twenty two months, but will have to cough up a whopping $200,000 to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). That won’t be too much of a concern, however, when considering the fact that the site was able to bring in an impressive $505,000 between 2008 and 2010.Her attorney noted that the $200,000 fine is going straight to the MPAA’s pockets and that quite a bit of that money was spent during her legal counseling.

She personally pocketed about $260,246 of that money, most of which came through various ad companies and donations, and paid about $50,000 of what she gained to her workers. When they raided her home after a judge granted a search and arrest warrant for her actions with the site, the government also seized a number of electronics including a couple external hard drivers, three laptops, an iPod, a Droid, some DVDs and about $1,000 cash.

Made $505,000 Between 2008-2010

The attorney for Beshara also noted that she was an extremely emotional and high strung woman that “used up many Kleenexes” crying in the counsel’s office. He did admit, however, that the judge did offer a more lenient sentence than what the guidelines suggested for the crimes she committed, but that it was still more than they had requested. After finishing her 22 month stint all the way down the country roads in a West Virginia federal prison, Beshara will also have to pay, at least, $150 a month during her probationary period as well.

After that, her family claims that she’s been vocal about “turning her life around” and heading to graduate school.

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Omeed Asadi (Writer)
Omeed is a born-again Apple-Evangelist who is also wrapping up his last year towards a BA. He loves technology and is the go-to guy for curing his friends and family's technological-woes. He's also solved 99% of issues by asking "have you tried re-setting your router?". -omeed@gizmoinsider.com


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