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November 10th, 2011

Sony Says “Its Back” After Multiple Hacking Attacks

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Written by: Omeed Asadi (Writer)
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If you’ve been following the latest tech-news for the past year or so, you’d know that Sony has a tendency of popping into the media’s center spotlight every so often. In a recent wave of hacking attacks that were sure to be a travesty to Sony’s PR team, Sony has faced criticism from almost everyone and from all directions regarding the security of their PlayStation Network.

However, CEO Sir (yes, he’s been knighted) Howard Stringer has come out and said that digital assaults are simply an everyday worry for multinational tech companies and that Sony has fully upped the ante of their security system. Sony’s security blunder really caught the attention of the media after the Japanese tech company confirmed in a press release that the PlayStation network had been successfully hacked in assistance with a DDOS (Denial-of-service) attack.

Users Were Told That Their Credit Card Info Could Have Been Disclosed

Sony was forced to warn its 77 million users, at the time, that their private accounts could have been potentially accessed and that the attack could include a compromise of their private account information, passwords, address and credit cards, among other information.

They were forced to shutdown the PlayStation Network while they attempted to patch up the problem and many customers had taken out their frustration on Sony for not having a more suitable security system; an accusation that Stringer feels is unwarranted, but still understands where the anger was coming from.

“They came back — they were not angry with us…They were upset that they had lost their ability to connect to their favorite service.” said Stringer

The PlayStation Network hasn’t slowed down since the multiple hacking attack on Sony and is not at approximately 90 million users. Stringer went on to reiterate that PlayStation users were extremely vital to the company and that they’ve taken various step to ensure that they are more prepared, including forensics units and executives that have previously dealt with similar issues.

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Omeed Asadi (Writer)
Omeed is a born-again Apple-Evangelist who is also wrapping up his last year towards a BA. He loves technology and is the go-to guy for curing his friends and family's technological-woes. He's also solved 99% of issues by asking "have you tried re-setting your router?". -omeed@gizmoinsider.com


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