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November 23rd, 2011

The Social Network Writer Considering Steve Jobs Biopic

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Written by: Omeed Asadi (Writer)
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One of the greatest writers in Hollywood, in our opinion, Aaron Sorkin is being teased with another chance to write about a tech-industry Goliath. We all remember the Academy Award winning film on the beginning and rise of Facebook, The Social Network, which was both a box office hit and critically acclaimed movie.

The Social Network raked a whopping $96,962,694 domestically and $127,957,621 internationally which is quite a substantial amount, especially when considering that it was expected to earn far less.

Aaron Sorkin Considering Writing Screenplay For Steve Jobs Film

The film was produced and distributed by Sony and Columbia pictures and Aaron Sorkin has stated that they’ve approached him with an offer that he write a script about Steve Jobs‘ rise, fall and rise again to the top with Apple.

The 50 year old screenwriter has expressed some interest in adapting Walter Isaacson’s top-selling authorized biography of Steve Jobs into a film and Sony Pictures is reported as wanting no one else for the job but Sorkin.

Sorkin was at an event in Santa Monica when approached about the film and said that he’s strong considering the Sony proposal but that he’s currently in the “thinking-about-it stages”. He went on to say that the film is going to be massive, regardless of who writes it, and that the whole affair will be undoubtedly exciting.

Steve Jobs Had An Adventurous Life Fit For The Big Screen

Steve Jobs passed away in October at the age of 56 and his intimate biography by Isaacson was so critically acclaimed before its general released that Sony is reported to have approached Isaacson about the possibility of its cinematic adaption.

We truly hope Sorkin takes the screenwriting spot as almost everyone agrees that he’s the perfect man for the job. He’s currently in the process researching Steve Jobs and is reading Isaacson’s book, so hopefully this will inspire him to create something truly incredible as we’re sure he could.

Steve Jobs’ biography has a bunch of potential to be adapted into a film mostly because of all the fantastic things he’s done throughout his life. He had a phase where he habitually used LSD, walked around barefoot for a while and also spent 7 months in India as a spiritual journey (we’re not even making this up).

So we genuinely hope Sorkin takes the spot and prevents George Clooney, who’s said to be a contender for the spot, from getting the role and destroying this movie. Harsh words, yes, but true nonetheless.

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Omeed Asadi (Writer)
Omeed is a born-again Apple-Evangelist who is also wrapping up his last year towards a BA. He loves technology and is the go-to guy for curing his friends and family's technological-woes. He's also solved 99% of issues by asking "have you tried re-setting your router?". -omeed@gizmoinsider.com


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