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November 15th, 2011

Windows 8 Patch Download & Forceful Restart Feature

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Written by: Bryan Conte (Associate Editor)
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More news is coming our way for the anticipated Windows 8 which has a lot of positive hype behind it thus far. This latest news while important for your computers health and your own security; may have some people still disgruntled over required reboots even though they are being minimized and touted as “less intrusive.” You can never please everyone anyways right?

Once a month Windows 8 schedules a week for you to restart and get the latest updates for your system.  If you avoid the daily notifications to restart and haven’t done so allowing the update to complete within 72 hours then your automatic update will ensure on its own.

From the looks of it, after those 3 days a screen take-over will appear with a 15 minute timer that allows you to save your open progress and prepare for the forceful shutdown. When I say forceful, I literally mean it forces the computer to shutdown.

Required Reboots to be Less Annoying

The team behind the Windows OS knows how annoying and frustrating restarts are and is “making improvements to the automatic updating experience in windows 8 which will make restarts a little less annoying.”  Although they wish they could do the updates in the background without the end-user being affected; downloads and installers need to restart in most cases because the files are currently in use with your computer running.

Of course settings can always be modified for windows updater, and “when attempting to automatically restart he PC, if you are in presentation mode, playing a game or watch a movie full-screen, WU detects this state, and delays the automatic restart until the next available opportune moment or the next time you log back into the PC.”

The new windows updater fixes a lot of gripes with past windows operating systems but I’m not so sure every person will find the new fixes perfect either.  Welcomed by most, the automatic restart (usually completed when idle) can be delayed if it detects user data could be lost and business users can opt to have even more control if they dig into the settings.

The process is going to be less intrusive than in the past; however I think the future will be focusing on how to decrease the amount of reboots even more, just in time for Windows 9.  For now, Windows 8 is packing a ton of new features and will probably be sticking around a lot longer than say; Vista.

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Bryan Conte (Associate Editor)
"I'd be lost without technology." Bryan enjoys writing, anything to do with the internet and is working on a second bachelor's degree. You can usually find him buried in code, or learning something new. Also noteworthy is that he constantly fears going bald. Google+ -bryan@gizmoinsider.com


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